Who We Are

Originally founded by its President Gino Olivieri in 1993 as Finger Printz Records, through time, it transformed, embracing a new identity as Finger Printz Entertainment Group. Just like a vinyl spinning tales from its grooves, the Group boasts nearly 100 musical releases ranging from classic vinyl to contemporary compact discs and masterful multi-artist compilations.

Yet, the saga doesn’t stop there. Branching out like the melodious notes of a symphony, several sub-labels came into being, each resonating with their own unique success stories. Some of the luminaries include Stickman Records, Aquarius Recordings, Chill Printz, Dark Printz, Slush Recordings, Four01 Recordings, and ZEN Recordings.

Stepping beyond just music production, Finger Printz Entertainment Group along with its sister company To The Penny Music also wears the crown of a top tier music publisher. Navigating the intricate world of rights management, artist repertoire, and royalty administration, the Group stands as a beacon for artists, ensuring their artistry reaches the farthest corners of the world and their rights always remain protected.